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What is Multi Masquing?

Best products for blackheads
Best products for blackheads

Skincare masques are the most beneficial part of one’s skincare routine. 


The active ingredients in masks correct skin issues. 


Masks can have a wide range of effects on the skin, including positive effects, such as soothing and brightening, to negative effects, like causing the skin to become irritated. 


There is no better treatment than layering or mixing masques. At Modern Skin Therapy, we pride ourselves on creating the best possible mixtures of masques for our clients. 


It is crucial to have knowledge about each ingredient, especially concerning the vitamin content of each element. Without this knowledge, certain combinations of ingredients have the possibility of canceling each other out. 


For example, if you mix a certain type of Vitamin C with vitamin E, the two vitamins will cancel each other out. However, with other forms of Vitamin C, if you mix them well, you can boost the hydrating and collagen production in each masque, so you get the benefit of both. 


It is the job of a skincare professional to know skin types, conditions, and the concentrations/characteristics of product ingredients. Without this knowledge, you could be putting products on your face that do not affect your skin or, even worse, have negative effects. 


Skincare is not DYI. Contact us at Modern Skin Therapy, where skincare professionals are standing by to aid you.


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