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Gua Sha / 刮痧

dermaplane pleasant hill

Gua Sha/刮痧 (or literally “Scrape Sand” in Chinese) is a practice used by East Asian doctors and practitioners. The term comes from scraping actions that cause petechiae (blood spots) that look like purple or red sand on the skin. The technique uses flat tools made from bone or stone that release stagnant tissue fluids and… Continue reading Gua Sha / 刮痧

What is Multi Masquing?

Best products for blackheads

Skincare masques are the most beneficial part of one’s skincare routine.    The active ingredients in masks correct skin issues.    Masks can have a wide range of effects on the skin, including positive effects, such as soothing and brightening, to negative effects, like causing the skin to become irritated.    There is no better… Continue reading What is Multi Masquing?

Under-eye circles and skin texture issues

Wondering how to solve dark under-eye circles and rough bumpy skin texture in a short amount of time? I suggest visiting an esthetician first and asking her opinion about dealing with your under-eye circles and skin texture. You have dull skin because of a thick layer of dead skin on your face. If you have… Continue reading Under-eye circles and skin texture issues